V. Rajalakshmi

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There has been a wide area of research going on towards privacy preservation of data. This method, Integer Partitioning Based Encryption (IPBE) does not use a simple perturbation or straight forward public key encryption. The method groups the data into various classes and the encryption is based on the key values generated within each class. Since the key(More)
A video encoder/decoder (CODEC) performs video data compression by having combination of three main modules such as motion estimation and compensation, transformation, and entropy encoding. Among these three modules, transformation is the module of removing the spatial redundancy that exists in the spatial domain of video sequence. Discrete cosine(More)
Recommendation Systems or Engines are found in many applications. These systems or Engines offer the user or service subscriber with a list of suggestions or recommendations that they might choose based on the user’s already known preferences. In this paper, the focus is on combining a content-based algorithm, a User-based collaborative filtering algorithm,(More)
The increase in size of data in current scenario raises the problem of providing privacy by not deteriorating its accuracy and usability. Among the various existing methodologies data Anonymization takes its place as the procedure is simple and provides better privacy. In this paper, an augmented Anonymization technique is explained which has a better(More)
—Privacy preservation in data mining is a pioneering research area as the security of increasing amount of data is under risks. Privacy preservation in Data Mining [PPDM] is a delicate task as there is a trade-off between data Anonymization and their utility. Existing PPDM techniques uses Anonymization using randomization, generalization or suppression(More)
With the advancement in technology and change in lifestyle, Indians are more prone to various disorders like diabetes, stroke, hypertension, etc. Presence of these diseases is identified only by regular monitoring and invasive blood tests. Though there is much successful management of communicable diseases and genetic disorders after they occur, there are(More)
Privacy Preservation in data mining protects the data from revealing unauthorized extraction of information. Data Anonymization techniques implement this by modifying the data, so that the original values cannot be acquired easily. Perturbation techniques are variedly used which will greatly affect the quality of data, since there is a trade-off between(More)
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