V. R. Smets

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Aneuploidy detection for chromosome 21 by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to interphase nuclei using a probe specific for the alphoid DNA sequences D21Z1/D13Z1 should be avoided. An extreme heteromorphism, resulting in misdiagnosis if interphase FISH is the only test employed, may be far more frequent (4/101) than expected.
Ia: R = H ; Ib: R=CH.~; Ic: R =(;~H~. II: a benzaldehyde: b p-fluorobenzaidehyde; c p-chlorobenzaldehyde; d omethoxybenzaldehyde; e p-methoxybenzaldehyde; f p-dimethyt aminobenzaldehyde; g-p-die thylaminobenzaldehyde; h -p-n i t robenza ldehyde; i 5-nitroturylacrolein. I I I : a--%R=H, R ' = C ~ H ~ : b R = H , R'=C6H4N(CHa) 2 D c R H , R'=C6H4NO2-P; d R =(More)
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