V R Shinde Patil

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In a variety of disease settings the expression of the endothelial selectins E- and P-selectin appears to be increased. This feature makes these molecules attractive targets around which to design directed drug-delivery schemes. One possible approach for achieving such delivery is to use polymeric biodegradable microspheres bearing a humanized monoclonal(More)
The diameter of circulating cells that may adhere to the vascular endothelium spans an order of magnitude from approximately 2 microm (e.g., platelets) to approximately 20 microm (e.g., a metastatic cell). Although mathematical models indicate that the adhesion exhibited by a cell will be a function of cell diameter, there have been few experimental(More)
Neutrophils can attach to E-selectin under flow. Proposed ligands for E-selectin carry SLe(x)-type glycans. The leukocyte beta2 integrins are glycosylated with SLe(x). Thus, we speculated that beta2 integrins could support attachment to E-selectin. To test this hypothesis, we coated 10-microm-diameter microspheres with purified CD11b/CD18 (alphaMbeta2) and(More)
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