V R Mikriakov

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Influence of adrenaline, hydrocortisone, and prednisolone on the infestation rate of the carp Cyprinus carpio by Dactylogyrus sp. is investigated, according to the analysis of the abudance index of parasites. Introduction of these hormones into experimental fish resulted in the increase of the abudance index of dactylogyrids. Dependence of changes in the(More)
Infestation of zope Abramis ballerus with Dactylogyrus chranilowi Bychowsky, 1931 depending on the bactericidal activity of the host's blood serum was investigated. Connection of the infestation intensity with the level of antimicrobial effect of the host's blood serum is demonstrated.
The results of the comparative analysis of the spleen in healthy individuals of bream Abramis brama and those infected by the Ligula intestinalis plerocercoids are given. Two age groups of bream were studied. The comparison was carried out by the index of common lipids (CL), the content of common lipids, the intensity of lipid peroxidation (POL), and the(More)
A comparative analysis of indices of peroxidation lipids in tissues of Ligula inteslinalis plerocercoids and in the intermediate fish host, the bream Abramis brama, was performed for the content of common lipids (CL), malonate di-aldehyde (MDA), which is a product of lipid peroxidation (POL), and common antioxidate activity (CAA). The dependence of indices(More)
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