V R Mamikonian

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Detailed analysis of copper compounds migration in the corneal stroma are presented. The biochemical conditions of the middle periphery of the cornea is found to inhibit copper ions movement to the center in patients with keratoconus due to increased tear alkalinity. Low concentration of dichlorocuprate (I) ion in the center of cornea results in(More)
In the period after surgical correction of myopia and astigmatism in 30 patients (44 eyes) by radial keratotomy, contrast sensitivity deteriorated slightly. The disturbances, however, were transitory, and the general trend was toward restoration of function. Strict adherence to an adequate operative technique prevented a marked decline in contrast(More)
Characteristics of ocular blood flow (OBF) in primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) in eyes with optic disc drusen have been investigated. The study enrolled 21 patient (35 eyes) with optic disc drusen, of which 7 (8 eyes) were diagnosed with POAG. Besides the standard tests, the ophthalmological assessment included evaluation of OBF (flowmetry) and an(More)
Ultrasound and optical coherent biometries were used to study the influence of the biometric parameters of the anterior segment of the eyeball on the precision of calculation of the focal power of an intraocular lens (IOL). A clinical study has demonstrated that among the biometric parameters of the anterior segment of the eyeball, there is a close(More)
The effects of two 5-membered (SP5, SP6) endogenous synthetic peptide fragments of protein S100b on the course of regenerative-reparative processes in the corneas of Wistar rats were morphologically studied after making a graduated injury. Conjunctival or endonasal injection of the peptides was made at two concentrations of 10(-6) and 10(-8) M. The study(More)
A total of 78 patients (143 eyes) with low, medium and high degree myopia were assessed. Apart from standard ophthalmological tests, flowmetry and duplex ultrasound of ocular vessels were performed in all cases to evaluate volumetric and velocity parameters of ocular blood flow in relation to the length of anterior-posterior axis and the degree of myopia.(More)
The results of experimental and clinical trials of a new type of transplantation of the cornea, stromaplasty, have shown the possibility of a blunt detachment from Descemet's membrane and removal of the deep lamellae of recipient's stroma, followed by replacement of the defect with a through allotransplant. Further studies are necessary to validate this(More)
The results of keratometry of 13 allotransplants have confirmed the rightfulness of the employed methods for calculation of the parameters of biolenses for epikeratophakia. For clinical application the initial intumescence should be taken into consideration, as well as the donor tissue thickening during its freezing for working on a lathe.