V R Agaronov

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To study the possibility of discrimination of different periods of alcohol abstinence state (acute, subacute, and arrested) the brain electrical activity of 30 patients with chronic alcoholism was recorded from 24 sites of convexital scalp surface during the detoxication. The "Synchro-EEG" program package was applied for EEG processing using 840 parameters.(More)
The polymorphism of reaction to emotionally significant stimuli is discussed in the context of pathological incentive. Using the "Synchro-EEG" technique 41 patients and 11 healthy volunteers were examined. Analysis of the spatial organization of cortical electrical activity revealed three types of reactions in patients. Intergroup differences were reflected(More)
Multiparametric comparative analysis of spatial organization of EEG was carried out in 137 alcoholics and 131 heroin addicts. Common and different deviations from normal EEG (105 control subjects) were found. Global alterations of EEG spatial organization were observed in drug addicts (as compared to alcoholics). Such changes characterized increasing(More)
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