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We found BrAF V600e mutations in 81 % (17 of 21) pCps by targeted sanger sequencing and in 86 % (18 of 21) pCps by IHC. Although there was agreement between methods in 95 % (20 out of 21) of cases, interpretation of anti-BrAF V600e staining was challenging due to occasional non-specific reactivity. aCp cases were selected for the study on the basis of their(More)
  • C. L. Pripoae, G. T. Pripoae, V. Preda
  • 2013
After 1970, the classic convexity theory was generalized from the Euclidean to the Riemannian setting. The convex sets were defined by the property of containing the geodesic segments between any two points (in the same way that line segments behave, as Euclidean geodesics) and the convex (differentiable) functions by the positiveness of their Rieman-nian(More)
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