V. Prasad. Shastri

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The paper undertakes a survey of the state of software industry in India. This industry has been growing at over 50% per year since 1991, and has emerged as a major export earner for the country. In 1997-98 software exports were $1.75 billion with an overall growth rate of 58%. Operating through satellite links, Indian programmers are providing IT support(More)
INTRODUCTION The posters and presentations included in this discipline area actually represent two distinct intellectual traditions. Behavior and performance (B&P) has traditionally been concerned with the development of empirically based scientific principles that identify the environmental, individual, group, and organizational requirements for long-term(More)
This paper examines the infrastructure needs for the state of Tamil Nadu in the area of ports, and its development. It undertakes a case study of China and its provinces with the objective of analyzing the development of port infrastructure in China and to draw lessons for Tamil Nadu. The paper looks at the steps China undertook to modernize and develop its(More)
Substrate elasticity has emerged as important biomaterial design parameter. In particular, it has been reported that on soft substrates (~4 kPa) freshly isolated porcine chondrocytes better maintain their phenotype than on stiffer ones (>20 kPa). Thus, we investigated whether this also applies to re-differentiating, expanded/de-differentiated (EDD) human(More)
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