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A novel fuzzy-logic-based control for vehicle-active suspension is suggested. The vehicle vibration and disturbance are reduced considerably with a fuzzy logic controller, to enhance comfort in riding faced with uncertain road terrains. A quarter-car active suspension system is controlled to reduce the vertical acceleration to a level of, that of, a(More)
The neutral beam injector of steady state superconducting tokamak (SST1-NBI) at IPR is designed for injecting upto 1.7 MW of neutral beam (Hº, 30-55 keV) power to the tokamak plasma for heating and current drive. Operations of the positive ion source (PINI or Plug-In-Neutral-Injector) of SST1-NBI were carried out on the NBI test stand. The PINI was operated(More)
The postural stability of bipedal robots is investigated in perspective of foot-rotation during locomotion. With foot already rotated, the biped is modeled as an underactuated kinematic structure. The stability of such biped robots is analyzed by introducing the concept of rotational stability. The rotational stability investigates whether a biped would(More)
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