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Maternal PKU is an embryo-fetopathy caused by elevated plasmaphenylalanine levels in pregnant women with hyperphenylalaninemia and phenylketonuira. Leading symptoms are microcephaly, mental retardatioin and congenital malformations, especially congenital heart disease. Maternal PKU becomes more important since early treated and normally developed girls with(More)
Serum-25-hydroxy-vitamin-D (25-OHD) nephrotic syndrome (N.S.) without renal insufficiency (urinary protein excretion greater than 3-5 g/24 h/1-73 m2; glomerular filtration-rate greater than 80 ml/min/1-73 m2). Serum-25-OHD levels were low in patients with N.S. (mean 19 nmol/1, range 4-41 nmol/1), compared with a normal range of 25-200 nmol/1.(More)
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