V. Petkov

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In most developed economies, income tax rates and government debt levels are positive and sizable. In the US, effective income tax rates have been in the order of 20%, and outstanding public debt represents about 60% of GDP. The main question we pose in this paper is: can these numbers be accounted for as the outcome of a government's welfare maximiza-tion(More)
This work is on the numerical approximation of incoming solutions to Maxwell's equations with dissipative boundary conditions, whose energy decays exponentially with time. Such solutions are called asymptotically disappearing (ADS) and they play an important role in inverse back-scattering problems. The existence of ADS is a difficult mathematical problem.(More)
An actuator design for beam steering micro-mirrors is reported. Coarse positioning is achieved with a 4-bit mechanical digital to analog converter [1]. The exact position is sensed by a set of lateral comb fingers and controlled through the least-significant bit of the DAC, which is embedded in a feedback loop. The actuator is designed for bilateral(More)
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