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In Finland 11.9% of all industrial accidents in 1973 were eye injuries including superficial eye injuries (79.2%), ultraviolet burns of the cornea (3.9%), eye burns (3.6%), blunt ocular trauma (2,5%), wounds (2.4%), and post-traumatic infections (5.8%). Eye injuries constituted 34.3% of all industrial accidents which needed only ambulatory treatment and(More)
The X-ray findings of the lumbar spine in the preemployment examination of 807 lumbermen are presented. From the applicants 11.4% were rejected because of roentgenological and/or clinical low back abnormalities. The youngest age group showed a high frequency of spondylolisthesis (8%). The possible role of heavy work in adolescence in the etiology of(More)
A cross-sectional study on the functional capability of 68-year-old persons was performed in 1973 in the town of Jyväskylä in Central Finland. The mean values of the measured variables for men and women, respectively, were the following: vital capacity 1.7 l/m2 and 1.2 l/m2; threshold of auditory perception (4000 cps) 49.0 dB and 28.4 dB, digit symbol 23.9(More)
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