V. Parenti Castelli

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The anterior drawer test at the human ankle joint is a routine clinical examination. The relationship between the mechanical response of this joint and the flexion angle was elucidated by a recent mathematical model, using purely elastic mechanical characteristics for the ligament fibres. The objective of the present work was to assess the effect of(More)
Although the anterior drawer test at the ankle joint is commonly used in routine clinical practice, very little is known about the sharing of load between the individual passive structures and the joint response at different flexion angles.A mathematical model of the ankle joint was devised to calculate ligament fibre recruitment and load/displacement(More)
The study evaluated the effect of a novel commercial preparation of natural blend of essential oils from basil, caraway, laurel, lemon, oregano, sage, tea, and thyme (Tecnaroma Herbal Mix PL) on growth performance, blood biochemistry, cecal morphology, and carcass quality of broilers. Six nutritionally adequate wheat and soybean-based diets were generated(More)
Thanks to their large power densities, low costs and shock-insensitivity, Dielectric Elastomers (DE) seem to be a promising technology for the implementation of light and compact force-feedback devices such as, for instance, haptic interfaces. Nonetheless, the development of these kinds of DEbased systems is not trivial owing to the relevant dissipative(More)
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