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Lisuride, a semisynthetic ergoline and potent central dopamine and serotonin agonist, was combined with levodopa in 20 patients with advanced Parkinson disease who were no longer responding satisfactorily to levodopa, including 14 patients with "on-off' phenomena. Every patient who completed the 8-week trial improved significantly (p greater than or equal(More)
Pergolide mesylate, a semisynthetic ergoline and a potent, long-acting central dopamine agonist, was tested in 13 patients with advanced Parkinson disease and diurnal oscillations in performance ("wearing-off" or "on-off" phenomena or both) whose response to levodopa had diminished considerably. Among all nine patients who completed the initial clinical(More)
Treatment with pergolide was compared with bromocriptine in 25 patients, all of whom were also receiving levodopa and in all of whom the response to levodopa had diminished. All 25 patients had "on-off" phenomena. At the time bromocriptine was added to levodopa, the mean age of the patients was 61.8 years, mean duration of disease was 9.0 years, and mean(More)
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