V. P. Naidina

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Ten subjects (from 27 to 41 years) have been participated in 32 experiments. They were decompressed from ground level to 40-35 kPa in altitude chamber when breathed 100% oxygen by mask and performed repeated cycles of exercises (3.0 Kcal/min). The intervals between decompressions were 3-5 days. Plasma lipid and erythrocyte membrane fatty acid composition(More)
Investigations of the bone system and body composition in Mars-500 test-subjects (prior to and on completion of the experiment) involved dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) using the HOLOGIC Delphy densitometer and the protocol performed to examine cosmonauts. Bone density of lumber vertebrae and femoral proximal epiphysis, and body composition were(More)
An experiment with Wistar male rats was to look into the action of octafluoropropane (OFP, of 50 microg/m(3)) combined with bipolar ionized air (BIA) at a concentration of light air ions of 60,000 para-air in cm(3). The chamber experiment was 43 days long. Intoxication by OFP reduced body mass, as well as the erythrocyte count and hemoglobin level in(More)
Benefits from an antihypoxic agent (sodium oxibutyrate) and normal pressure hyperoxia to the lipid composition of erythrocyte membranes and blood plasma were assessed in 9 subjects on the thirtieth day of head-down tilting at -8(0). The greatest variations in HDT occurred in polyunsaturated fatty acids in erythrocyte membranes. After infusion of sodium(More)
Dynamics of the lipoacidic content of total plasma lipids and erythtocyte membranes was studied in 32 experiments with ten apparently healthy male subjects aged 27 to 41 years who were exposed to repeated decompression from the normal ground down to 40-35 kPa. For two hours of exposure to lowered pressure the subjects were breathing pure oxygen in mask and(More)
Comparison of bone mineral density and fatty-acid blood content in 9 human subjects exposed to 370-d bed rest revealed correlation of the loss in femoral neck density with parameters of lipid exchange. On day-46 of BR, the absolute lipids content in erythrocyte membranes and blood serum decreased considerably (1.5-2 times) when compared with baseline data.(More)
Comparison of bone mineral density and fatty acid (FA) blood content in nine subjects during 370-day head-down-tilt bed rest (BR) revealed correlation of the loss of femoral neck density (FND) with parameters of lipid metabolism. On day 46 of the BR, the absolute lipid content of erythrocyte membranes and blood serum were considerably decreased (by a factor(More)