V. P. Lavrovskaya

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We studied the effects of dopamine added to culture medium on survival of floating or adherent BHK-21 cells differing by organization of actin cytoskeleton. The viability of floating cells more drastically decreased with increasing dopamine concentration and duration of exposure than that of adherent cells. The cells worse adhered to the substrate and(More)
The effect of dopamine (DA) on the viability and morphology of cultured tumor THP-1 cells (human acute monocytic leukemia) was studied. DA in concentration of 10(-5) M had virtually no effect on the culture, while in concentration of 10(-4) M to 10(-3) M it stopped the growth and caused a sharp increase in cell death after 24 and 48 hours. Incubation with(More)
The possibility to reveal globular (G-) actin in cell cytosole by means of microscopy has been studied. The applicability of this method was in particular evaluated for diagnostics of malignant cells, whose main pathocytological feature is an anomalously high content of G-actin in cytosol. The cells of a common origin but with different states of cytosolic(More)
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