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We report the chemical synthesis of alphaFuc(1-->2)alphaGal-O(CH2)7CH3 (1) an analog of the natural blood group (O)H disaccharide alphaFuc(1-->2)betaGal-OR. Compound 1 was a good substrate for recombinant blood group B glycosyltransferase (GTB) and was used as a precursor for the enzymatic synthesis of the blood group B analog(More)
The Pk-trisaccharide, linked to a solid carrier, is a potential agent for neutralization of shiga-like toxin in the gastrointestinal tract. Two approaches to the multigram-scale synthesis of a linkable Pk-trisaccharide derivative were therefore investigated. A four-step chemical synthesis yielded 8-methoxycarbonyloctyl beta-lactoside in 75% yield from(More)
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