V. P. Filippov

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A method has been developed for constructing a tree source model for genetic text generation. Model visualisation in the form of suffix (context) trees provides a new way of context analysis of symbol sequences. Estimation of the stochastic complexity of the data in the frame of the model serves as a criterion for the model's ascertainment. The model and(More)
The first experience with using carbon laser in treatment of specific bronchial affections in children and adolescents was studied. Persisting lymphobronchial fistulas and granulations in 4 children and adolescents were considered as indications to the treatment. The 2-3 exposures, to laser during bronchoscopy with burning out the granulations and caseous(More)
Bronchoscopy by laser radiation was performed in 141 patients. CO2 laser was used in 89 patients: 25 had pulmonary tuberculosis, 6 tumours, 35 stump inflammation, and 23 other diseases. YAG laser was used in 52 patients: 15 of them had tumours, 21 bronchial tuberculosis, 6 osteochondropathy and 10 other diseases. A good therapeutic result was obtained in(More)