V. P. Das

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An ad-hoc network is a local area network (LAN) that is built spontaneously as devices connect. Instead of relying on a base station to coordinate the flow of messages to each node in the network, the individual network nodes forward packets to and from each other. In Latin, "Adhoc" is actually a Latin phrase that means "for this purpose." It is often used(More)
Sending multiple copies of packet to different nodes is called Multicasting. Wired and infrastructure-based wireless networks are supported by many multicast routing protocols. But, applying this concept in Mobile Ad hoc wireless networks (MANETs) is a big challenge. Problems in ad hoc networks are the scarcity of bandwidth, short lifetime of the nodes due(More)
Personal computers today have 802.11(b/a/g)-based wireless connectivity. If it were possible to wirelessly connect laptops to a projector, multiple persons can connect and present content on their laptops on the projector. This typically requires another personal computer at the projector end that is wirelessly connected to the laptop that receives,(More)
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