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A group of 61 patients underwent conservative and surgical dental treatment in general anesthesia and their blood was sampled for bacteremia before and after treatment. The antibiotic antibacterial prophylaxis was administered in 21 patients one hr. before treatment (both in conservatively and surgically treated patients). Immediately after the treatment(More)
The authors used Midazolam in dental treatment of 225 patients of both sexes (ASA I-IV). 25 patients suffering from heart diseases (ASA III-IV) were ECG monitored during the treatment. Midazolam with the biological half-life of 0.5-1.5 hours was successfully used for premedication of dental out-patients. The used doses had no significant influence on(More)
At the group of heart surgery patients treated at the department of dentoalveolar surgery, II. stomatological clinic, Prague, the author found out that more than 3/4 patients had required dental treatment. Focal infection of odontogenous origin was impossible to exclude nearly in 80% patients. For one patient requiring dental treatment it came to treat 4.5(More)