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A total of 43 lymphocyte culture (LC) from 12 adults (aged 32--48 years) and 21 children 6--7 years of age were studied. In PPD-stimulated adults LC stimulation ratio ranged from 8 to 39%; their cytotoxic activity, i.e. lymphotoxin (LT) production, was determined by staining target L cells with crystal violet and measuring protein synthesis in surviving(More)
In lymphocyte cultures (LC) from 5 immune donors blast transformation occurred as a result of the stimulting action of adenovirus antigen; the supernatants obtained from these cultures produced a cytotoxic effect on L cells, thus suggesting the presence of lymphotoxin (LT). No blast transformation and no LT production were detected in nonstimulated LC used(More)
Mixed respiratory viral infections occurring in the course of 8 influenza A epidemics in the Estonian SSR between 1969 and 1978 were investigated. A total of 1638 patients were followed up. The IF method, serological test CFR and HIR and isolation of the virus on tissue cultures and chick embryos were used. Mixed infections were found in 0-77.7% of(More)
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