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Strong high-quality fiber Bragg gratings with photoinduced refractive-index modulation of more than 10-(3) were written in a Corning SMF-28 fiber, a P(2)O5-doped-core fiber and a pure-silica-core fluorine-doped-cladding fiber by third-harmonic radiation (267 nm, 150 fs and 1.2-1.8x1011 W/cm(2)) of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser using a phase mask. We(More)
Pathways of intramolecular conversion and intermolecular electronic excitation energy transfer (EET) in the photosynthetic apparatus of purple bacteria remain subject to debate. Here we experimentally tested the possibility of EET from the bacteriochlorophyll (BChl) Soret band to the singlet S2 level of carotenoids using femtosecond pump–probe measurements(More)
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