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An original packaging method suitable for integrated thermal mass flow sensors is presented. The method consists in the application of a plastic transparent adapter to the chip surface. The adapter is sealed to the chip surface by means of a thermal procedure. By this approach it is possible to selectively convey the fluid flow to reduced chip areas,(More)
A case of acute poisoning caused by an overdose of flecainide (1.5 gr. per os), taken in order to commit suicide, is described here. With a plasmatic concentration of 5000 ng/ml the drug induced a soporose condition, shallow breathing with phases of apnea and intermittent muscular clonuses, a clinical picture of shock with a idioventricular rhythm at a rate(More)
Total parenteral nutrition constitutes a recent resource of intensive therapy that can be applied to a great number of clinical cases. Its realization however requires precise knowledge of metabolic problems and of possible technical complications. As it is not exempt from risks it must be applied with specific competence and in carefully chosen cases.
An ASIC implementation of analogue receiver focused on telecommand applications for Category A missions (Return-to-Earth, lunar and even Lagrangian missions) is presented. In addition to embedded Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) 128 bit analogue decoder, the ASIC integrates IF coherent demodulation, carrier tracking, clock recovery, SP-L to NRZ codify data(More)