V Nedelcheva Kristensen

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The ability of a motif of the CYP17 5' untranslated region, created by a polymorphic T to C substitution, to bind to the human transcription factor Sp-1 was investigated. No binding of any of the polymorphic alleles was observed in electromobility shift assay. No other sequence within +1 to +100 of each of the CYP17 alleles formed complex with the Sp-1 or(More)
Glutathione S-transferases are involved in the conjugation of a number of human carcinogens. The frequencies of the deletion alleles coding for GSTM1, and GSTT1, related to deficient conjugation of xenobiotics, as well as a recently reported variant in the exon 5 of GSTP1 were investigated in this study. A multiplex polymerase chain reaction based method(More)
Cigarette smoking has inconsistently been associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. One of the enzymes responsible for the detoxification of the carcinogenic compounds present in tobacco smoke is glutathione S-transferase-mu (GST-mu). The gene that codes for this enzyme is GSTM1. In this study, we evaluated the associations and interaction(More)
While advances in science and technology have increased options for treating breast cancer, current social trends have changed the way people deal with this disease. Women in the United States are no longer simply passive patients, but rather they are survivors, advocates and activists who are speaking up for themselves and speaking out for issues relevant(More)
The effect of a SNP in exon 10 of CYP19 on tumor mRNA levels and splice variants were studied and correlated with clinical parameters and risk of breast cancer. In the vast majority of breast cancers, the estrogen levels modulate the tumor growth and depend on the activity of CYP19. Patients (n=481) and controls (n=236) were genotyped by T-tracks in a(More)
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