V Narayanamurti

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Vanadium dioxide (VO 2) is a promising reconfigurable optical material and has long been a focus of condensed matter research owing to its distinctive semiconductor-to-metal phase transition (SMT), a feature that has stimulated recent development of thermally reconfigurable photonic, plasmonic, and metamaterial structures. Here, we integrate VO 2 onto(More)
We report observation of catalyst-free hydride vapor phase epitaxy growth of InN nanorods. Characterization of the nanorods with transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction show that the nanorods are stoichiometric 2H–InN single crystals growing in the [0001] orientation. The InN rods are uniform, showing very little variation in both diameter(More)
A brief overview of the research activities at the Thermionic Energy Conversion (TEC) Center is given. The goal is to achieve direct thermal to electric energy conversion with >20% efficiency and >1W/cm 2 power density at a hot side temperature of 300-650C. Thermionic emission in both vacuum and solid-state devices is investigated. In the case of(More)
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