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The uncoercibility to prevent rigging in e-voting and e-auction have been studied in different literatures. It is realized that the notion of a virtual booth and untappable channel are required to prevent coerciveness. Virtual booth protects the candidates to cast their private values without being observed by the adversary/coercer. However the adversary(More)
We observe that routing, in optical burst switching (OBS) networks, is basically motivated by reducing contention-induced loss and not by the objective of global resource optimization. Here, we propose a routing scheme for OBS networks that minimizes the burst loss probability of individual bursts and at the same time achieves the routing goal of(More)
Room-temperature sodium-ion batteries have the potential to become the technology of choice for large-scale electrochemical energy storage because of the high sodium abundance and low costs. However, not many materials meet the performance requirements for practical applications. Here, we report a novel sodium-ion battery electrode material,(More)
Optical burst switching (OBS) is considered as one of the most potential technology for implementation of transparent optical Internet in near future. In this paper we propose an integrated scheme for loss reduction and efficient resource utilization in OBS. We develop a framework for computation of estimated space-time loss surface in space-time plane for(More)
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