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The dielectric properties of uncooked beef, beef liver, chicken and salmon meat were measured at frequencies between 100 and 2500 MHz and at selected temperatures between 1.2 degrees C and 65 degrees C. Experimental method and the sample holder are briefly described. The results for the dielectric constant and the dielectric loss factor are presented as a(More)
A new purple bacterium (strain T4), capable of heterotrophic aerobic and phototrophic anaerobic growth, was isolated from waste water of a noodle factory near Hanoi, Vietnam. A comparison of 16S rDNA sequences revealed its association with the genus Rhodocista. The isolate, tentatively named "Rhodocista hanoiensis", forms cysts after growth on(More)
Based on the analysis of motion directions, a new search algorithm called Three-Point Search (TPS) is proposed. The main advantages of this method are as follows: 1) searching accuracy of TPS is very close to that of the full search (FS) algorithm that results in optimal matching results; 2) computational complexity is far less than that of FS. For a(More)
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