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The dielectric properties of uncooked beef, beef liver, chicken and salmon meat were measured at frequencies between 100 and 2500 MHz and at selected temperatures between 1.2 degrees C and 65 degrees C. Experimental method and the sample holder are briefly described. The results for the dielectric constant and the dielectric loss factor are presented as a(More)
A basket-integrated optical device is developed to consistently treat tubular tissue by centering an optical diffuser in the lumen. Four nitinol arms in conjunction with the optical diffusing applicator are deployed to induce homogeneous circumferential light emission and concentric photothermal coagulation on tracheal tissue. A 1470-nm laser light is(More)
Ethanol fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells was performed in medium with different glucose concentrations. As the glucose content augmented from 200 to 250 g/L, the growth of the immobilized cells did not change while that of the free cells was reduced. At higher glucose concentration (300, 350, and 400 g/L), the cell proliferation(More)
Based on the analysis of motion directions, a new search algorithm called Three-Point Search (TPS) is proposed. The main advantages of this method are as follows: 1) searching accuracy of TPS is very close to that of the full search (FS) algorithm that results in optimal matching results; 2) computational complexity is far less than that of FS. For a(More)
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