V. N. Slavnov

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The basal plasma level of GH, TSH and ACTH and the reserve capacities of the adenohypophysis in the secretion of these hormones was investigated radioimmunologically in 80 patients with excessive weight (from 15.3% to 180.0%) and a group of healthy subjects. It is shown that obesity is accompanied by diverse changes of the anterior pituitary GH, TSH and(More)
Multiple irradiation of rats with microwaves of continuous generation (2450 MHz, 1 mW/cm2) increased and of pulsed generation (3000 MHz, 0.1 to 2.5 mW/cm2) decreased the functional activity of the thyroid gland with no changes in the triiodothyronine and thyroxin in blood serum. The role of the thyroid gland in inducing behaviour effects of microwaves was(More)
The concentration of corticotropin and cortisol in the blood was determined 120 patients with Itsenko-Cushing radioimmunologically after insulin hypoglycemia, after administration of insulin and thyroliberin. It was established that healthy persons and patients with Itsenko-Cushing disease showed no differences in the effect of insulin and thyroliberin as(More)
1. Patients with Itsenko-Cushing's disease did not show a significant increase in corticotropin and cortisol secretion in response to insulin hypoglycemia; this indicates a disturbance in the hypothalamo-hypophysio-adrenal system at the hypothalamic level. 2. There was no quantitative difference in adrenal cortical response to corticotropin; this shows that(More)