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Postnatal day (P)20 rats are sensitive to CA1 injury following a single injection of kainic acid (KA) but are resistant to this injury when animals have a history of two neonatal seizures. We hypothesized that the two earlier seizures led to neuroprotection by a preconditioning mechanism. Therefore, morphology, [Ca(2+)](i) and NMDA subunit proteins of the(More)
Cannabinoids have anti-convulsant effects in both in vivo and in vitro models of status epilepticus. Since the development of spontaneous seizures and neuronal vulnerability are age-dependent, we hypothesized that the anti-convulsant effects of cannabimimetics are also age-dependent. We administered a single injection of varied doses of (R+)WIN 55,212 (0.5,(More)
  • L Grishchuk, V Kulagin, V Rudenko, A Serdobolski
  • 2004
The existing high technology laser-beam detectors of gravitational waves may find very useful applications in an unexpected area-geophysics. To make possible the detection of weak gravitational waves in the region of high frequencies of astrophysical interest, ∼ 30 − 10 3 Hz, control systems of laser interferometers must permanently monitor, record and(More)
A gravitational resonant bar detector with a large scale Fabry-Perot cavity as an optical read out and a mechanical displacement transformer is considered. We calculate, in a fully analytical way, the final receiver bandwidth in which the potential sensitivity, limited only by the bar thermal noise, is maintained despite the additional thermal noise of the(More)
An estimation was carried out by factor analysis method of informative value of alpha-like rhythm, EEG theta-rhythm, local cerebral blood filling and oxygen tension (pO2) in estimation of functional state of cerebral structures under submaximal physical loads. Experiments were carried out on 35 rabbits with electrodes chronically implanted in the(More)
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