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381 Among the key factors affecting the composition and species richness of modern plant communities, an increasing attention of researches is drawn to the regional species pool (the total number of species occurring in a given locality) and the species pool of various communities or habitats (the total number of species occurring in relevant communities of(More)
Evisceration of the pelvic organs (EPO) is a fairly uncommon surgical treatment that removes all organs from a patient's pelvic cavity. We use gracilis musculocutaneous flap to repair pelvic floor after EPO. Over the period from November 2013 to December 2014 we carried out EPO with reconstructive repair of the pelvic floor with gracilis musculocutaneous(More)
We examined the correlations between the polymorphic alleles of the DNA repair genes XRCC1 (c.839G> A, rs25489; and c.1196A> G, rs25487), XPA (c.-4A> G, rs1800975), and XPD (c.2251A> C, rs13181) and the progression and severity of neoplasias in the bladder and kidney in patients of three distinct ethnic groups, Bashkir, Russians, and Tatar, residing in the(More)
Seventy nine patients with prostatic tuberculosis were examined and treated at the specialized "Glukhovskaya" sanatorium. All the patients were divided into 2 groups: a study group and a control one. In the study group patients, low-intensity laser radiotherapy was additionally performed in combination with etiological and pathogenetical treatments. The(More)
To study changes in microcirculation of the lower urinary tract in different diseases we used laser analyzer of capillary circulation LAKK-01. The control group consisted of 25 volunteers, the study group--of 65 patients with different vesico-urethral diseases. Normal values of microcirculation in the wall of the urinary bladder, prostatic gland and urethra(More)
The results of the whole-exome DNA sequencing of eight prostate adenocarcinoma patients are presented. DNA was isolated from the peripheral blood as well as healthy and tumor prostate tissue from each patient. Bioinformatics analysis was conducted and the most significant mutations in prostate cancer patients were revealed. The obtained data could be(More)