V N Kravchuk

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The investigation included 45 patients with coronary heart disease operated for aorto-(mammaro)-coronary artery bypass grafting. It was found that surgical treatment resulted in the improvement of subjective symptoms of angina and increased contractile reserve of the myocardium during the first days after surgery. Significantly increased subjective and(More)
The article provides the results of minimally invasive direct revasculization of myocardium at the period from 2012 to 2014. Given method was used in 49 interventions. There weren't any lethal cases or myocardial infarctions. A mean hospital stay consisted of 8,6±2,7. Computer thomographic coronary bypass angiography was carried out after operation in terms(More)
By using a complex of investigation methods variants of branchingout of the spinal cord and spinal ganglia blood supply sources and their anatomo-topographic interrelations were discerned in 140 preparations of lumbar spinal ganglia obtained from human cadavers of both sexes and different age. With the help of anastomoses these sources form a specific(More)
The features of preoperative status, course of the perioperative period and immediate results of coronary shunting were compared and analyzed in 523 patients, 56 of them were women. In female patients there were more often factors negatively influencing the course of the postoperative period. No additional intraoperative risk factors were found. The direct(More)
Determination of the necessary length of the bypass is one of the principal stages of operation of the aorta-coronary bypass. The greatest difficulty of the determination of the bypass length is the first-priority applying of proximal anastomoses. It requires the surgeon to have great experience, the operation to be longer. It also makes it necessary to(More)
Left ventricular assist device "Incor" ("Berlinhear", Germany) implantation experience in patient with ischemic cardiomiopathy and severe congestive heart failure is presented. Left ventricular assist device implantation was followed by coronary artery bypass grafting simultaneously. Total assist time was 211 days. Complications developed during assisting(More)
Increasingly, there are patients with concomitant coronary artery disease and aortic valve, especially in elderly patients, who often have severe comorbidities and high surgical risk, which is undoubtedly a certain effect on the choice of method and tactics of treatment. Today, there are several approaches to the treatment of patients in this category, and(More)
Hybrid revasculization of myocardium combined the advantages of mammary-coronary bypass surgery and coronary arteries stenting. It presented itself as a perspective direction in treatment of ischemic coronary disease. The article provides the results of comparison of usage of hybrid revasculization of myocardium and aortocoronary bypass in 71 patients with(More)
Diffuse lesions of the anterior interventricular artery (AIVA) at different levels were diagnosed in 27 out of 417 patients operated for post-infarction aneurysm of the left ventricle (PIALV). During the preoperative period coronography, ventriculography, ultrasonic examination of the heart were made in all the patients, one-photon emission computed(More)
The article presents a technique of performing coronary bypass operations on the beating heart used by the authors in 847 patients which is based on high thoracic epidural anesthesia, primary formation of proximal anastomoses of the aorto-coronary bypasses and specified succession of the formation of distal, stabilization of the local part of the heart in(More)