V N Korolev

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In 1990, diphtheria re-emerged in Russia and during the following four-year period the resulting epidemic reached all the Newly Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. Several neighbouring countries of NIS, Norway included, have experienced sporadic imported cases. A sero-epidemiological study among children in Northern Norway and North-Western(More)
The effect of two-step exposure of bacterial objects to infrared laser and microwave pulse radiations was studied. The effect is determined by the time interval between two excitation steps and pulse duration. It was shown that the biologically active dose of microwave radiation is much lower than that of infrared laser radiation; however, laser radiation(More)
OBJECTIVE To preliminarily assess the feasibility of elastography in endobronchial ultrasonography and to compare characteristics via different accesses. MATERIAL AND METHODS The investigation enrolled 3 patients (malignant, benign mediastinal adenopathy, paratracheal tumor). Elastography was carried out using a Pentax EB-1970UK echobronchoscope with a(More)
AIM To assess transesophageal ultrasonography capabilities in diagnosis of mediastinal malignant tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Technique of radial transesophageal ultrasonography was used to diagnose mediastinal malignancy in 157 patients. Method of amplitude hystography was employed to assess lymph nodes. In 84 cases diagnosis had histological(More)
The article deals with 6 -year experience of the Centre of Oncoangiosurgery of the Chelyabinsk Regional Oncological Dispensary in treatment of patients with concomitant malignant neoplasms and atherosclerotic lesions to the aorta and arteries. The authors analyze therapeutic outcomes in a total of 158 patients. Of these, 81 patients were subjected to(More)
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