V . N . Kornoukhov

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Neutrinoless double beta decay is a process that violates lepton number conservation. It is predicted to occur in extensions of the standard model of particle physics. This Letter reports the results from phase I of the Germanium Detector Array (GERDA) experiment at the Gran Sasso Laboratory (Italy) searching for neutrinoless double beta decay of the(More)
Several observed anomalies in neutrino oscillation data can be explained by a hypothetical fourth neutrino separated from the three standard neutrinos by a squared mass difference of a few eV(2). We show that this hypothesis can be tested with a PBq (ten kilocurie scale) (144)Ce or (106)Ru antineutrino beta source deployed at the center of a large low(More)
Energy resolution, α/β ratio, pulse-shape discrimination for γ rays and α particles, temperature dependence of scintillation properties, and radioactive contamination were studied with CaMoO4 crystal scintillators. A high sensitivity experiment to search for 0ν2β decay of Mo by using CaMoO4 scintillators is discussed.
An optimized digital shaping filter has been developed for the GERDA experiment which searches for neutrinoless double beta decay in 76Ge. The GERDA Phase I energy calibration data have been reprocessed and an average improvement of 0.3 keV in energy resolution (FWHM) at the 76Ge Q value for 0νββ decay is obtained. This is possible thanks to the enhanced(More)
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