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This paper describes Svace, a tool for static program analysis developed at the Institute for Systems Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences. This tool allows one to find defects and potential vulnerabilities in the source program code written in C/C++ languages. The main features of the tool are simplicity of use, wide variety of supported types of(More)
Bond lengths and dissociation energies in alkali halides and alkaline earth oxides and fluorides have been analysed. Ions are considered as static deformable spheres, where an essential part of the electron density is concentrated. In molecules, they are compressed. Moving from molecules to crystals, the bond lengths are extended to such an extent that(More)
This paper considers various aspects of static analysis of C# programs in order to detect the maximum number of software bugs in an acceptable time. A complete cycle of software static analysis is described with the main focus being placed on the specifics of the C# language. Some methods are discussed that take into account popular features of C# at all(More)
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