V N Grigor'eva

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The level of vestibular stability (tolerance to the double rotation test according to I. I. Bryanov) was compared with the pattern of changes in the heart rate and arterial pressure during exercise tests (20 squatting per 30 sec). The test subjects were 136 healthy male volunteers--representatives of different professions, aged 21--40. The subjects with(More)
Both clinical-neurological and psychological examinations of 42 patients with neurological manifestations of lumbar osteochondrosis with chronic or chronic recurring course were carried out. The main features of personality in most cases were anxiety, hypochondria, passivity and demonstrativity. The clinical signs of nonspecific psycho-emotional tension was(More)
The paper presents a comparative analysis of the results of biochemical, neuropsychological and neurophysiological examination of initial chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency in patients without significant psycho-emotional tension (the 1-st group--37 individuals) and with significant emotional tension (the 2-nd group--44 persons). Statistically(More)
Reaction to intradermal injection of tuberculin from Mycobacteria tuberculosis of the avian type proved to be negative in all the 505 students examined who never came in contact with fowl farms. Of 738 local residents it was found to be positive in 23.8% and of 320 workers of fowl farms--in 54.5% of cases. In response to the injection of Koch tuberculin and(More)
A purpose of the study was to develop the Stress Tolerance Scale (STS) and to assess its diagnostic efficacy in neurological clinical practice. The theoretical ground for stress tolerance measurement is the concept of personal environmental interaction as a process including phases of the subjective stress event appraisal, active reaction and subjective(More)
The study aimed at determining the efficacy of combined kineso- and psychotherapy in the treatment of patients with migraine in between-attacks periods. Forty-one patients with migraine (3 males, 38 females, mean age 38.2 +/- 1.5 years) were examined. The patients were randomly divided into 2 age-matched groups. No significant between-group differences in(More)
The intensity of immunity, depending on immune response variants characterized by the definite composition of the T and B lymphocyte subpopulation in peripheral blood, was studied in 70 practically healthy young children after the primary complex of immunization with adsorbed DPT vaccine. The most stable immune reaction was shown to appear in children with(More)
Three hundred thirty-seven patients with neurological symptoms of lumbar osteochondritis (163 patients, mean age 40.3 +/- 0.51 years), fibromyalgia (32 patients, mean age 45.3 +/- 1.15 years), initial forms of cerebrovascular pathology (142 patients, mean age 46.8 +/- 0.56 years) and 40 healthy controls (mean age 43.2 +/- 1.07 years) have been examined(More)