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Prophylactic administration of dibazol (5 mg/day) prevents a decrease of nonspecific resistance and ensures stable variations of adaptive processes in men working in enclosures for a long time. The positive effect of the drug occurs 10-15 days after the administration and involves a combined action on phagocytosis, blood homeostasis, and skin antimicrobial(More)
The complex appreciation of qualitative and quantitative changes in leukocyte blood system of sailors was performed. After short cruise there were moderate deviations of several hematological indexes that determine the dependency between quantity of leukocytes in peripheral blood and their functional characteristics. The biggest deviation of indexes, that(More)
Cigarette smoking in an enclosed environment produces a distinct unfavorable effect on infection resistance, reduces exercise tolerance and increases the morbidity rate. Smoking-induced decline of infection resistance manifests as inhibition of the level of defence reactions and decline of intracellular digestion. Disorders in the cellular component of(More)