V N Bortnovskiĭ

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Prophylactic administration of dibazol (5 mg/day) prevents a decrease of nonspecific resistance and ensures stable variations of adaptive processes in men working in enclosures for a long time. The positive effect of the drug occurs 10-15 days after the administration and involves a combined action on phagocytosis, blood homeostasis, and skin antimicrobial(More)
The article makes a comparative estimation of the efficiency between the benzodiazepine pharmacological group (selenium, diazepam) and adaptogens of the plant origin (Extractum Leuzeae carthamoidis fluidum) for correction of sleeping disorders in seamen during cruise. The application of elenium and diazepam have caused the unpleasant subjective sensations,(More)
Cigarette smoking in an enclosed environment produces a distinct unfavorable effect on infection resistance, reduces exercise tolerance and increases the morbidity rate. Smoking-induced decline of infection resistance manifests as inhibition of the level of defence reactions and decline of intracellular digestion. Disorders in the cellular component of(More)
A cyclic change of barometric pressure from 790 to 720 mm Hg once a day to twice within 3 days under sealed conditions results in a functional rearrangement of the mechanisms to control cardiac activity which cause the predominance of vagotonic responses determined by a decrease of the body reserves and its asthenization. At the beginning of staying under(More)