V. N. Boicov

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Methods of mass service system analysis considering the difference in the time characteristics of queries are proposed. An approximate method of the time characteristic analysis for mass service systems of complex configuration is developed in this paper. A complex network configuration hereinafter means a network including an unlimited number of nodes with(More)
A method for calculating the parameters of queuing systems with heterogeneous requests was obtained in our paper [1]. In [2], the accuracy of this method for a network of queuing systems was studied. This method is applicable for the case of the estimation of queuing systems with respect to an average value (averaged over the parameters of the distribution(More)
The purpose of this paper is to calculate the output flow parameters in networks of mass service systems with heterogeneities, while replacing precise models with equivalent ones. An analysis of the approximate methods for calculating mass service systems’ parameters that take the heterogeneity of the requests into account is carried out in this paper. A(More)
Methods of network analysis that consider the differences in the request service time are proposed. Busy periods in queuing systems with heterogeneities are studied. The network has two types of requests differing in their service time, which follows an exponential distribution. An example is given of a network interpreting the interaction of local area(More)
An analysis of transport level computing network services was carried. We noted the presence of heterogeneity of these services. A mathematical model of a network with heterogeneous services was developed. The possible delays and the presence of large service queues were determined using mathematical modeling of the transport level service exchange(More)
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