V. N. Bagadia

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Patients attending the General Medical Out-patient department of a public hospital were selected randomly and screened by a physician and a psychiatrist independently. The data on 258 patients reveal an overall psychiatric morbidity of 36% consisting of 24% pure psychiatric illnesses and 12% with associated organic problems. Females are found to be(More)
1. Mental health gets a low priority all over the world but much more so in developing countries. 2. In India, modern psychiatric facilities are available only in the cities. Mental hospitals are becoming modernized but the backbone of psychiatry is the psychiatric department in the General Hospital where treatment is out-patient and family based except(More)
The aim of present double blind controlled study is to evaluate the effects of ECT in Schizophrenia and Depression. 20 depressed and 20 schizophrenic patients of either sex, in the age group 18 to 65 years fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were taken for study. The psychiatric evaluations were carried out before the treatment, and at the end(More)
Seventy five male patients with the diagnosis of alcohol dependence syndrome were given disulfiram and an alcohol challenge was administered to all of them. They were kept on maintenance dose of the drug and followed up for six months, note being made of their improvement on several parameters, viz. the number of drinking episodes, the sevarity of reaction(More)
We present here the treatment of thirteen homosexuals by behaviour modification techniques. With classical electrical aversion and positive conditioning 8(61%) out of thirteen patients showed a change in orientation lasting on a six-month 1 year follow up. A marriageable age and indirect social pressures were positively correlated with improvement whereas(More)