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With the aim of exploring relationships between the chemical structure and the physico-chemical properties of amphiphilic beta-cyclodextrin, a reappraisal of the obtaining of pure heptakis (2,3-di-O-hexanoyl)-beta-cyclodextrin (beta-CDC(6)) was undertaken. In this paper the chemical characterization of the newly synthesized beta-CDC(6) and its ability to(More)
Stable multiple emulsions with a small proportion of primary emulsion containing different viscosifying agents in the outer aqueous phase were formulated. The multiple systems were assessed by evaluating several parameters, such as the macroscopic aspect, droplet size, release rate, and accelerated stability under elevated temperatures. The effect of(More)
This work mainly concentrates on the formulation of W/O/W multiple emulsions capable of breaking and releasing their inner aqueous phase under shear rates compatible with agroalimentary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Three kinds of multiple emulsions were studied: one with a high concentration of primary emulsion, not viscosified in the external(More)
Stable multiple emulsions that contain different lipophilic surfactants in the internal aqueous phase have been formulated. The multiple systems were assessed by evaluating several parameters such as macroscopic aspect, droplet size, percent release and accelerated stability under centrifugation or elevated temperature. The effect of polymeric and monomeric(More)
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