V. Moskalenko

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In this paper the investment decision support system is offered. This system gives the opportunity of estimation of the efficiency and risk of investment projects. The system can also carry out the sensitivity analysis of the investment project working out the recommendations for increasing the efficiency of the project and portfolio foundation.
In this paper, we present the detailed characterization of a semiconductor ring passively mode-locked laser with a 20 GHz repetition rate that was realized as an indium phosphide based photonic integrated circuit (PIC). Various dynamical regimes as a function of operating conditions were explored in the spectral and time domain. A record bandwidth of the(More)
We present an investigation of an InP quantum-well-based integrated extended cavity passively mode-locked laser which shows extra broad frequency comb generation. The ring laser was characterized in frequency and time domains for a range of the current levels injected in the semiconductor optical amplifier. The study showed an increase of the bandwidth to(More)
In this paper we report on the progress in the development of modelocked ring lasers that are integrated on a single chip in the InP/InGaAsP material system. With the current optical integration technology it is possible to integrate quantum well optical amplifiers, phase modulators and passive optical components such as waveguides, splitters and spectral(More)
A mode-locked extended cavity quantum well ring laser at 1.58 μm with a repetition rate of 2.5 GHz in the form of a photonic integrated circuit is presented. The device is realized using InP-based active-passive integration technology. The 33 mm long cavity contains gain, saturable absorption, and passive waveguide sections as well as phase shifter sections(More)
A compact and fabrication-tolerant integrated remotely tunable optical delay line is proposed for millimeter-wave beam steering and is fabricated in an InP generic foundry. The proposed delay line is based on a spectrally cyclic-arrayed waveguide grating feedback loop. Its major features include the tolerant architecture with reduced chip size, and(More)
A passively modelocked extended cavity quantum well ring laser at 1.58 μm with repetition rate of 2.5 GHz in the form of a photonic integrated circuit is presented. The device is realized using InP based active-passive integration technology. The 33mm long cavity contains gain, saturable absorption and passive waveguide sections as well as a phase shifter(More)
A new scheme of an device for electrodiagnosis of caries is suggested, based on studies of dental hard tissue electric resistance. A highly sensitive M136 gage with 0.5 microA complete deviation current is employed in the scheme, this permitting measurements of high electric resistance of dental hard tissues within a range of 1-200 M omega, painless for(More)
Female canaries have been demonstrated to prefer certain phrases (phrase A) in male songs [5]. Phrase A has a biphonic structure; it is produced by two halves of syrinx at a high rate (at least 16 syllables per second). The importance of phrase integrity was studied in experiments with varying internal structure of this phrase. Using the Sound Edit Pro(More)