V. Masson

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to identify factors that contributed to severe maternal morbidity, defined by admission of pregnant women and women in the postpartum period to the intensive care unit (ICU) from 2010-2011 at Auckland City Hospital (ACH), a tertiary hospital that delivers 7500 women/year, and to determine potentially avoidable(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to describe a new classification system for contributory factors in, and potential avoidability of, maternal deaths and to determine the contributory factors and potential avoidability among 4 years of maternal deaths in New Zealand. STUDY DESIGN A new classification system for reporting contributory factors in all maternal deaths was(More)
AIM To determine whether there were "quality gaps" in the provision of care during pregnancies that resulted in a perinatal death due to congenital abnormality. METHOD Perinatal deaths from congenital cardiovascular, central nervous system or chromosomal abnormality in 2010 were identified retrospectively. Data were extracted by retrospective clinical(More)
Prophylaxis for short-term travel in malaria-endemic areas can be difficult for two reasons. The first is that currently available antimalarial drugs are becoming less effective because of the ability of the parasite to adapt to drug pressure. The second involves poor compliance with chemoprophylactic regimens due to the highly restrictive conditions of(More)
AIM To establish the incidence of moderate to severe neonatal encephalopathy (NE) in term infants from New Zealand and to document demographic characteristics and neonatal outcomes. METHODS Cases were reported monthly via the New Zealand Paediatric Surveillance Unit (NZPSU). Data were collected from paediatricians for neonatal items and lead maternity(More)
BACKGROUND The recently published monograph, Neonatal encephalopathy and neurologic outcome, from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists calls for a root cause analysis to identify components of care that contributed to cases of neonatal encephalopathy to design better practices, surveillance mechanisms, and systems. All cases of infants(More)