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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have become an very important technology for many applications such as the monitor and control of physical environment in Military, Industry and civilian areas, Home automation, Disaster monitoring and control, Target detection, Target tracking, Tactical systems and so on. Since power requirement of sensor nodes is depends on(More)
With the number of users of social network growing exponentially, the need of protecting the user privacy in network has gain the prime importance. While joining a social network, the user is requested to fill up a lot of unnecessary information like educational background, birth date, interests etc. This information may get leaked or mal-accessed if not(More)
The patient-related data stored in the WBSN plays an important role in medical diagnosis and treatment; hence it is essential to ensure the security of these data. Access to patient-related data must be strictly limited only to authorized users; otherwise, the patient's privacy could be abused. There has been very little study done in encryption algorithms(More)
Spectrum sensing is the crucial task of a cognitive radio. Cognitive Radio (CR) have been advanced as a technology for the opportunistic use of underutilized spectrum where secondary users sense the presence of primary users and use the spectrum if it is empty, without affecting their performance. Spectrum sensing in CR is challenged by a number of(More)
Mental Stress estimation is an important feature to be derived in health related diagnostic activity. It has been observed that the stress has a major effect on heart functioning. And therefore, ecg should be the major source of stress variation and can be analyzed in various ways in order to extract the effect of mental stress. In the presented work, the(More)
Social network is a network of people spread across all over the globe. Each social network user has a profile, which stores user's personal information, his likes, interests etc. The number of social network users is growing exponentially, every day. This makes social network an ultimate repository of large user data and an important live information(More)
Effective utilization of the unused wireless spectrum is still a challenge from spectrum management perspective. A dynamic spectrum access network enables fast deployment of new wireless technologies by effectively utilizing the available spectrum. Cognitive radio network (CRN) has been proposed to use wireless networks to communicate via dynamic channels(More)
The object tracking algorithms based on mean shift are good and efficient. But they have limitations like inaccuracy of target localization and sometimes complete tracking failure. These difficulties arises because of the fact that in basic kernel based mean shift tracking algorithm, the centroid is not always at the centre of the target and the size of(More)