V. M. Timerbulatov

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A relationship was studied between the outcomes of severe acute pancreatitis and the pattern and multiple organ dysfunctions in 72 patients. Organ dysfunction was observed in 39 (54.2%) patients: multiple organ dysfunction (MOD) in 20 (27.8%) patients and dysfunction of an organ or a system in 19 (26.4%). The deceased patients had a statistically(More)
Hypertension syndromes result from the difference between the volumes of the contents of the organ and its cavity, appearance of excessive pressure in the latter, and pronounced disturbances of intraorganic and intratissular perfusion. We believe that intracavitary, intraorganic, and intratissular pressures up to 10 mmHg could be considered to be constant(More)
Results of surgical treatment of 197 patients with acute colonic obstruction complicated by intraabdominal hypertension were analyzed. Monitoring of intraabdominal pressure was made in 101 patients at the pre- and postoperative periods. Compensated, sub- and decompensated forms of obstruction depending on the data of intraabdominal pressure were determined.(More)
Ultrasonographic features of developed intraabdominal complications were in 73 patients, in 43 of them being local and in 30-diffuse peritonitis. The diagnosis was based on the complex manifestations of' sonographic changes of the small bowel and other organs of the abdominal cavity which the authors suggest to interpret as an ultrasound syndrome of "the(More)
The article analyzes results of treatment of 963 patients with cholelithiasis and with the complications of this disease. Operations on these patients were performed using the following methods: laparoscopy (422), minilaparotomy (373), wide (traditional) laparotomy (168). Recommendation for different ways of operations on biliary ducts are discussed as well(More)
Results of examination of 206 patients with destructive pancreatitis are presented. On the basis of complex research it has been allocated five most significant variants of distribution of purulent process to retroperitoneal space. Existence of correlation of morphological changes in pancreas and retroperitoneal cellular tissue has been shown. Contrast(More)