V. M. Timerbulatov

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Results of measurement and monitoring of intraabdominal pressure at 288 patients treated for different abdominal diseases and trauma were analyzed. In early postoperative period the increase intraabdominal pressure to 10-15 mm Hg (I degree) was revealed at 161 (56.0%) patients, from 16 to 25 mm Hg (II degree)--at 95 (33.0%), from 25 to 35 mm Hg (III(More)
The relationships between outcomes of severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) and organ dysfunction in 72 patients were studied. A total of 39 (54.2%) patients had organ dysfunction, 20 (27.8%) patients -- multiple organ dysfunction (MOD), 19 (26.4%) patients -- dysfunction of single organ or system. Died patients had higher incidence of MOD compared with those who(More)
The necessity of alloplastic operations for the replacement of tissue defects has been substantiated on the basis of investigation of pathomorphological, reparative characteristics of the soft tissues of pararectal cellular tissue and perineal skin. The author's own method of alloplasty of pararectal wound, of a non-healing fistulous passage, has been(More)