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Opinion mining refers to computational techniques for analyzing the opinions that are extracted from various sources. Existing research work on Opinion is based upon business and e-commerce such as product reviews and movie ratings. Opinion mining involves computational treatment of opinion and subjectivity in text. It has suddenly attracted the attention(More)
Internet has provided us a much more convenient way to share information all over the world. Cyberspace also opened a new platform for criminal activities. With increased access to computers across the world, cybercrime is becoming a major challenge to law enforcement agencies. Cybercrime investigation process is in its infancy and there has been limited(More)
Cluster analysis divides data into meaningful or useful groups (clusters). If meaningful clusters are the goal, then the resulting clusters should capture the " natural " structure of the data. For example, cluster analysis has been used to group related documents for browsing, to find genes and proteins that have similar functionality, and to provide a(More)
With the growth of internet community, many different text-based documents are produced. This paper presents an overview of the emerging field of emotion detection from text and describes the current generation of detection methods of emotions from the text. Emotion recognition in text is just one of the several dimensions of the task of making the(More)
Multimodal systems allow humans to interact with machines through multiple modalities such as speech, gesture and gaze. Different multimodal systems that have been developed so far will be discussed in this paper. These include put that there,Cubricon,Xtra, Quickset,RIA with MIND The growing interest in multimodal interface design is inspired in large part(More)
— Recently, there has been much interest in processing skyline queries for various applications that include decision making, personalized services, and search pruning. Skyline queries aim to prune a search space of large numbers of multidimensional data items to a small set of interesting items by eliminating items that are dominated by others. Skyline(More)
Since the invention of computer researcher fraternity is trying to minimize the communication gap between the computer and a human. Since then continuous and consistent efforts are being made to develop Natural Language Interfaces to Databases (NLIDBs). A general user is not an expert in SQL, but knows general English or native language for computer(More)
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