V. M. Thakre

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Cluster analysis divides data into meaningful or useful groups (clusters). If meaningful clusters are the goal, then the resulting clusters should capture the " natural " structure of the data. For example, cluster analysis has been used to group related documents for browsing, to find genes and proteins that have similar functionality, and to provide a(More)
— In the era of internet, the use of online blogs, forum, social network and email is very popular for communication. At the same time due to anonymity, cybercriminals making use of these online messages for illegal activities like cyber bulling, fishing etc.In this context, Authorship identification plays important role by finding the plausible author of(More)
  • Nilesh M Shelke, Shriniwas Deshpande, Vilas Thakre, India Professor
  • 2013
With the growth of internet community, many different text-based documents are produced. This paper presents an overview of the emerging field of emotion detection from text and describes the current generation of detection methods of emotions from the text. Emotion recognition in text is just one of the several dimensions of the task of making the(More)
Multimodal systems allow humans to interact with machines through multiple modalities such as speech, gesture and gaze. Different multimodal systems that have been developed so far will be discussed in this paper. These include put that there,Cubricon,Xtra, Quickset,RIA with MIND The growing interest in multimodal interface design is inspired in large part(More)
Data mining is part of the interdisciplinary field of knowledge discovery in databases. Research on data mining began in the 1980s and grew rapidly in the 1990s.Specific techniques that have been developed within disciplines such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition have been successfully employed in data mining. Data mining(More)
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