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The process of equilibration of a colliding hard-disks system is studied in the framework of classical mechanic. The method consists of dividing the nonequi-librium system into the interacting subsystems; the evolution one of these subsystems is analyzed employing generalized Lagrange and Liouville equations. The subsystem-subsystem interaction force is(More)
An explanation of the mechanism of irreversible dynamics was offered. The explanation was obtained within the framework of laws of classical mechanics by the expansion of Hamilton formalism. Such expansion consisted in adaptation of it to describe of the non-potential interaction of a systems. The procedure of splitting of a system into equilibrium(More)
The mechanism of irreversible dynamics in the mixing systems is constructed in the frames of the classical mechanics laws. The offered mechanism can be found only within the framework of the generalized Hamilton's formalism. The generalized formalism is created by expansion of the canonical Hamilton's formalism to the open systems. A formula, which(More)
The mechanism of irreversible dynamics in the systems with mixing is analyzed. The procedure of splitting of system on equilibrium subsystems and studying of dynamics of one of them under condition of its interaction with other subsystems in the basis of the approach to the analysis of dynamics of nonequilibrium systems is used. The problem of "(More)
This paper studies the problems of mathematical description of physical processes in open non-equilibrium atmosphere. It is proposed that the mathematical description should be based on the idea that properties of an open system are determined by the properties of its elements and external constraints. It is also explained why atmosphere should be(More)
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