V. M. Somsikov

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The influence of changes in solar and geomagnetic activity on physiological parameters of man (EEG, pulse beat, rate of sensomotor reaction and the pressure in the period of spring equinox (10.02-10.04.96)) was investigated. The correlations between these parameters and variations in the Kp-index were obtained. It was found that the oscillations of the(More)
The irreversibility of the dynamics of the conservative systems on example of hard disks and potentially of interacting elements is investigated in terms of laws of classical mechanics. The equation of the motion of interacting systems and the formula, which expresses the entropy through the generalized forces, are obtained. The explanation of(More)
The approach to the analysis of the dynamic of non-equilibrium open systems within the framework of the laws of classical mechanics on the example of a hard-disks is offered. This approach was based on Hamilton and Liouville generalized equations which was deduced for the subsystems of the nonequilibrium system. With the help of generalized Liouville(More)
This paper studies the problems of mathematical description of physical processes in open non-equilibrium atmosphere. It is proposed that the mathematical description should be based on the idea that properties of an open system are determined by the properties of its elements and external constraints. It is also explained why atmosphere should be(More)
In the present work the possible connections of the variations of heliogeophysical parameters with the some biospherical processes are investigated. The correlation of road-transport accidents, development of some human illnesses and the character of behaviour of epizootic plague centers with variations of this heliogeophysical parameters are considered.(More)
The approach to a substantiation of thermodynamics is offered. A conservative system of interacting elements, which is not in equilibrium, is used as a model. This system is then split into small subsystems that are accepted as being in equilibrium. Based on the D’Alambert equation for a subsystem the generalized Liouville equation is obtained. A necessary(More)