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The long standing question of the source of methylglyoxal formed in glycolyzing tissues was considered. Nonbiological studies, made with chemical model systems, made evident that the formation of methylglyoxal from dihydroxyacetone and from Dr.-glyceraldehyde under physiological conditions of pH and temperature is catalyzed by Tris and by certain polyvalent(More)
Sinice Kogl. Haagen-Sniit aid(I Erxlel)en (10) first reported oni the growth stimulatory properties of IAA., manv sttldies hlave l)een devoted to tracinig its rotute of biosynithesis. In 1940. Skoog alnd Thimanni (20) recognlize(d that tryp)tophan in structtural protein col(Il be converted to IAA in the preselice of proteolytic enzym-es. Sinice theln a(More)
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