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Multicomponent vaccine prepared from the antigens of 4 representatives of opportunistic microflora possesses high specific activity. The passive hemagglutination (PHA) test with the use of associated diagnosticum showed that antibody titers in the sera of immunized rabbits increased 10- to 10(4)-fold in comparison with the titers observed prior to(More)
The inverse dependence of activity of restriction endonuclease SsoII preparations on the number of low molecular mass plasmids of Shigella sonnei transforming Escherichia coli recipient cells producing the enzyme has been shown. Escherichia coli strain producing efficiently one of two Shigella sonnei 47 restriction endonucleases SsoII has been isolated. The(More)
The protective activity of a multicomponent vaccine against S. aureus, prepared from Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, Proteus and Escherichia coli antigens, intended for oral administration, has been studied on the model of a local staphylococcal infection. The study has revealed that the vaccine, when administered orally to mice, prevents the development of(More)
The results of the study of the antigenic activity of multicomponent vaccine consisting of staphylococcal, Klebsiella, Proteus, Escherichia coli antigens and staphylococcal monovaccine, introduced into rabbits and guinea pigs by different routes, are presented. As shown in this study, the multicomponent vaccine introduced orally in 5 administrations(More)
A culture medium for the cultivation of hemophilic bacteria, containing acidic casein hydrolysate, aminopeptide and fodder yeast extract, has been proposed. The growth-stimulating properties of this medium have been studied on 5 strains producing restrictases differing in their specificity. In growing these producer strains in a model ANKUM-2 fermenter with(More)
Various strains of Haemophilus influenzae have been examined for the presence of site-specific endonuclease activities, and eleven restriction endonucleases have been isolated from seven strains. For all the endonucleases recognition sequences were determined, for three of them cleavage sites being identified. The enzymes proved to be isoschizomers of known(More)
A strain producing the new specific restriction endonuclease BcmI has been found in the Bacillus generum. The enzyme has been purified by chromatography on the blue sepharose, phosphocellulose PII, heparin sepharose. The analogous purification has been obtained when the blue sepharose has been substituted for the orange sepharose, the home produced sorbent.(More)
Heterogeneous profile of methylases was found in S. aureus 6782 strain. A procedure was developed for isolation of individual methylases from Sau 6782 free of Sau 6782 restrictases and unspecific nucleases by means of hydrophobic chromatography on phenyl-Sepharose. Ion exchange, affinity chromatographies and gel filtration were also used for isolation of(More)