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A standardized procedure was developed for eliciting those details of a library's service policies that are important to its users and for recording the data by checking appropriate categories on a form. This inventory procedure covers the entire spectrum of user services and accommodates a wide range of policies. The inventory was originally designed for(More)
In July 1966, the Institute for Advancement of Medical Communication began work on a project aimed at developing methods for collecting objective data suitable for planning and guiding local, regional, and national programs to improve biomedical libraries and the biomedical information complex. This article constitutes an introduction to a series of reports(More)
A method of measuring a library's capability for providing the documents its users need has been developed. The library is tested with a representative sample of such documents to determine how long would be required for users to obtain these documents. Test results are expressed in terms of a Capability Index, which has a maximal value of 100 only if all(More)
  • V M Pings
  • Bulletin of the Medical Library Association
  • 1968
The quality of a library's design can often be determined by the amount of preplanning done before it was built. The paper discusses three components of a library: the users, staff, and materials. Before any design is contemplated for new or additional space, a philosophy or purpose of the library must be determined. Some questions that need to be asked(More)