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Visuo-spatial inattention (VSI) was examined in 390 patients with ischemic insult to the right or left cerebral hemispheres. VSI was revealed in 44 out of 80 patients with right parietal lobe damage and in 30 out of 70 subjects with right occipital lobe injury. Only one patient out of 100 with left hemisphere injury has shown the signs of VSI. These data(More)
It may be concluded from these experiments that after unilateral extirpation of various parts or the whole of the auditory cortex and after total removal of the cortex of one hemisphere, there is no disturbance of conditioned excitation and conditioned inhibition in the symmetrically opposite region of the cortex. The results also demonstrate that the(More)
  • V M Mosidze
  • 1978
For the last 15-20 years the study of interhemispheric relations made a big progress. This progress was facilitated by use of new methods in combination with midsagittal sections of comissural connections at different levels. An assumption is made that interhemispheric exchange of sensory information is of certain importance for the short-term memory and(More)
Data in the l i t e r a tu re on c o m m i s s u r a l connect ions of the tempora l a rea are con t r a dictory. After remova l of t empora l a reas in monkeys (Mettler, 1935; Sunderland, 1940) and dogs (Obukhova, 1963), many degenerated c o m m i s s u r a l f ibers were found in the corpus cal losum. Other workers , after removing the super io r t empora(More)
Paired stimulation of callosal neurons in the lateral gyrus causes inhibition of the second EP in every part of the cortex with callosal connections. Paired stimulation of callosal neurons in the suprasylvian gyrus causes facilitation of the second EP in the contra- as well as ipsilateral cortex. The possible role of recurrent collaterals in brain(More)