V. M. Melnik

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Two mutants for sphaerococcoid seed (MA 16219) and compact spike (MA 17648) were isolated from M3 progeny of durum wheat cultivar, Altaiskaya Niva, mutagenized with chemical mutagens. The chromosomal locations of the genes involved were determined by the use of a complete set of D-genome disomic substitutions in durum cultivar, Langdon. The gene for(More)
Little is known about the relationship between compact spike loci in hexaploid wheat species. We studied two new compact spike mutants of common wheat Triticum aestivum L. (2n = 6x = 42, genome formula BBAADD). The new compact spike genes, C 739 of MCK 739 and Cp of near-isogenic line Mironovskaya 808 (Vrn1), were mapped using aneuploid stocks and(More)
For prophylaxis of severe signs of the postcolectomy and diarrheal syndromes, as well as the secondary anal incontinence syndrome, occurring after extended radical operation--colectomy, extremely low anterior rectal resection, mucosectomy, performed for severe diffuse nontumoral colon diseases, a pelvic small-intestinal anatomic-functional reservoir(More)
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